Before you are handed the keys to your new home, there are some steps to follow to prepare for your closing day.

Step 1: Closing Date Scheduled - Once you have completed the contingencies in your contract, it is time to set the closing date!

Step 2: Utility Transfer - Once you know the closing date, you will want to transfer utilities in your name.  You want to call several days in advance to make sure the utility companies can make the change on or before your closing date.  Sometimes this is still not possible.  If they cannot schedule something on or before your closing, let us know!  We will work with the seller to make sure you have utilities in place after closing.  Here is a list of utilites and their contact information.

Gas & Electric: 

Louisville Gas & Electric: 502.589.1444 or 800.331.7370

KY Utilities: 800.981.0600


Louisville Water Company: 502.583.6610

Oldham Co. Water: 502.222.1690


Waste Management: 502.634.2900

Rumpke: 502.568.3800

Phone, TV & Internet:

Time Warner: 502.357.4400 or 800.273.0144

AT&T: 855.209.2144

Direct TV: 800.595.4101

Dish Network: 800.823.4929

Step 3: Final Walk-Through - You are entitled to do a final walk-through before closing! Just let us know when you would like to schedule it.  Typically this takes place the day before or the day of closing, unless the property is already vacant.

Step 4: HUD Statement - Before the closing, you will be sent a HUD (your closing statement) to review.  Take a moment to read through this and make sure the numbers look correct.  Your mortgage loan officer or your agent can assist you if you have questions.  

Step 5: Closing Day: There are a couple of items to bring to closing.  Make sure you have a photo I.D. (Your Driver's License) and a Cashier's check for the balance you owe at closing.