Top Ten New Years Resolutions

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Keeping your resolutions is supposed to be an exercise in character building, as well a means of improving your life.  Listed below are the top 10 New Years resolutions people make.

  1. Stop Smoking - This resolution is one of the most often cited. Some of us seem to need that extra boost of telling everyone that we are done with this increasingly expensive habit to be able to stick to our decision to quit. Viewed by some as more of an addiction than a "bad-habit" though, smoking can be a tough one to overcome. Successful cessation of smoking can sometimes require a lot more than a strong resolve. You are either a smoker, or a non-smoker. Decide which one you are, and be that.

  2. Quit Drinking - How many times have you heard this one? Usually from someone who has had far too much to drink. I have heard this one slurred into my ear, mumbled into my lap by a sadly hungover sufferer, and hollered from across the proverbial "crowded room." Regardless of the circumstances, this resolution, though one of the most often invoked, is also the least often kept - at least for any length of time.

  3. Lose Weight / Go On A Diet - This seems to be another very difficult one to maintain. Much like the stair stepper that languishes in the spare bedroom, or the gym membership (see below ) that is never used, sticking to a weight loss plan is easy to start but hard to maintain. Starting it at the end of the holiday season, on New Year's Eve does give you a psychological edge to start with, but the return to the regular grind after the holiday season can also make following a restricted eating plan seem as equally dull and boring, when compared to the treats you enjoyed during the holiday.

  4. Start An Exercise Program / Get Fit - (see above ) So many of us start off gang-busters on this one and peter out after a while. One of the best ways to actually achieve your goal here is to enlist the help of a friend - better yet two or three friends. You can all keep each other on track.

  5. Get Out Of Debt / Take Control Of Spending - Having our finances under better control, getting a handle on impulse buying, and paying off our debts fit under the "getting our finances in order" umbrella. This can be challenging, especially if we have allowed things to just roll along organically with little planning. Contacting a financial planner or investment counselor can be the first positive step towards keeping this resolution on track.

  6. Eat More Healthily - This can be a bit tricky if you and your loved ones aren't up for moderate change, but even sneaking minced or shredded veggies into the meatloaf can be a start. Check out your local bookstore, the entertainment or life styles section of your newspaper, or hop online, and you can be knee-deep in recipes for healthy cuisine in no time at all. Many of these new-age subversives are quite gifted at hiding healthful food choices under the guise of mouth-pleasing, and even mildly decadent "nummies."

  7. Take Some Time Just For Yourself - Whether it's a spa day, a weekend get-away, or simply sending Dad out with the kids for a few hours on the weekend, you do deserve some "down time." We seem to have a problem meting out to ourselves even a portion of the affection and attention we lavish on our families and friends without a second thought. Relax with a good book, listen to your music, indulge yourself in a little treat - you deserve it.

  8. Spend More Quality Time With Kids &/Or Family - ...and on the other end of the scale, we may feel we need to plan some time with our family and special friends. It's so easy to drift along and let our busy schedules dictate every minute of our lives. We can so easily lose contact with each other, or mistake a smattering of conversation over a hurried meal before we rush to another activity for spending time together. Build in some family time - a games night, or activities the whole family can enjoy together. Plan for some time with good friends - pick a movie or group activities that will challenge as well as entertain..

  9. Learn Something New / Go Back To School - My granny always maintained you were never too old to learn something new. Many people go back to school after they have retired from their careers, or take up hobbies they always put off starting, citing a lack of time. You don't have to wait 'til retirement, though, or drop everything to go back to school full-time. Many community colleges and rec centers offer afternoon and evening classes for a wide variety of interests, from hobbies and arts to academics.

  10. Get Organized / Be On Time - ...and with this item, we have returned to the realms of lofty and difficult-to-maintain goals. A good place to start is the magazine rack for the most recent copy of a publication that specializes in reducing clutter and time management tips. There are lots of useful and simple strategies to follow in both areas, but they will require effort and consistency to achieve. The pay-off will be that you will have a tidy house, a workable schedule, and arrive on time and un-flustered.



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