Six New Businesses to Open on South Fourth Street

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Back in October, I talked a little about the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation and their plan for revitalizing South Fourth Street.  I'm glad that wasn't just a one and done article for me because it is something that area desperately needs.  

Last week it was announced that six new retailers would be occupying spaces in the 500 and 600 block of South Fourth along with $500,000 for some street-scaping.  I dug around and found a little about the retailers that will be moving in.

  • Block Party Handmade Boutique - Block Party is an innovative new retail and community space for local artists and entrepreneurs.  All items are handmade from local artists, and each artist will have a boutique space to merchandise and sell their work. As a cooperative business model, members work together at the store, providing an intimate and innovative experience for shoppers. Block Party also has a shared studio space for artists and an art and craft workshop where we will teach jewelry making, painting, and much more.
  • Celebrations - Celebrations has over 50 years of combined experience helping design the perfect invitations, announcements, and stationery reflecting the unique personality and style of our customers.  They provide each customer individual attention, from design to proof to finished product.  They manage the process so you don’t have to.  In addition, no event is either too large or too small.
  • The Leading Man - The Leading Man Collection offers high end inventory such as shirts, sweaters, jackets, ties, bow-ties, belts, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, hats, scarves, socks and underwear.  The store is also known for stylish accessories for Big and Tall Men.  Inventory includes Roland S. Martin, designed by Verse 9, as well as Bird Dog Bay ties. The Leading Man also sells the popular big knot tie and ascots, as well as butterfly bow-ties. The hat selection includes the Sinatra Collection and Carlos Santana Collection. Also, The Leading Man is the exclusive carrier in Louisville, KY for shirts by Steven Land.
  • Les Filles Boutique - Les Filles Boutique is the place where you can find more handcrafted, artisan jewelry under one roof than anywhere else in the city!  Artisan jewelry is handcrafted by the artist and is usually made with sterling silver, copper, brass or gold filled metal paired with semi-precious and natural stones.  Each piece is imagined and designed by the artist and then carefully created by hand.  Some of the methods used in making artisan jewelry is silversmithing which includes soldering, hammering and bending the metal until it reaches the design of the artists’ imagination.  Artisan jewelry is our passion at Les Filles Boutique.
  • RegaloRegalo offers an eclectic mix of unique gifts, one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, contemporary decor and fine art. All of this in a fun, vibrant atmosphere at very reasonable prices.  If you are looking for a unique gift that's a little different, a little better, you are sure to find it at Regalo.


Sounds pretty exciting, right?  But the mayor is really pushing for  this area to be called "SoFo".  Really?  I get that they are probably trying to keep up with the portmanteau that was given to New Louisville ("NuLu") but.... well, I can't put it any better than Melissa Chipman.  (read the entire article here)

"Social media in Louisville is exploding today with neighborhood portmanteaus mocking the SoFo designation. The Mayor’s office would be wise to listen to people who live in SoWeLou (Southwest Louisville), GeTo (Germantown), BuLou (Butchertown, Louisville) and DoLo (Douglass Loop) and put the SoFo designation on the back burner (or, as most people seem to be suggesting, kill it entirely).
Buy-in is so important, and many citizens are not buying in to the cutesy abbreviations and nicknames.
Honestly, I think Fischer even rolled his eyes a little when he said “SoFo.” These things need to happen naturally and then exploited. No one likes the guy in the office who says, “My nickname is Champ. Call me Champ.” You get called “Champ” when you’ve earned “Champ.”
Remember, the “NuLu” designation didn’t really take hold until the promise of a revitalized E. Market Street corridor materially manifested."

What do you think?  Are you anticipating this new revitalization?  And what about that name?


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#1 By Jason Lyvers at 12/28/2012 9:36 AM

The name is stupid, but I do like that they are trying to make out downtown area more 'hip'. 4th Street doesn't really seem to be cutting it, and it seems like a business closes there every few months. I like what they are doing near the arena and Whiskey Row should be a hit if it ever materializes as well.

#2 By megan at 12/28/2012 0:39 PM

yes, i agree the name isn't quite what it should be.

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