Halloween on Hillcrest!


It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!  Halloween is such a fun holiday and no matter what age you are, you can't deny that getting dressed up and receiving candy is a good day indeed!  


When I moved to Louisville and found out about Halloween Street, well... it set my heart aflutter. What was that?  You've never heard of Halloween Street?!  Oh my, you have been missing out!!  Located in Crescent Hill, Hillcrest Avenue has become the "winter wonderland" for Halloween.  Lauren Reherman, friend and Hillcrest Avenue homeowner, was kind enough to give me a little insight to what it actually takes to pull the decorating task off.

Current residents - Gavin (owner of Acudent) and Lauren (owner of PeaPod Designs), daughter Mary and dog Charlie (owner of their parents hearts)

How long have you lived in your home? About 5 years

Best thing about Crescent Hill - The closeness to shops and restaurants, it's very walkable, family neighborhood.

Best thing about Hillcrest Avenue - The great neighbors! 

How did you come up with your halloween theme? We used to have just standard ghosts and tombstones, but after going to Hawaii one year, we decided to be a bit more creative and do a haunted luau! 

Do you use the same theme every year? This will be our 3rd and last year since we will be moving.

Do you think you will switch it up or just keep adding to it? If we were to stay, we'd probably just keep adding.

How many people would you estimate come down Hillcrest Avenue in October? 10,000

How about Halloween night? I know we get roughly 3000 kids (we counted one year!), so multiply that by 1-2 parents, and you're looking at 5000-6000 people. 

Do you go through a lot of candy? We go till we run out... about 3-4 hours. One piece per kid so, about 3000 pieces... give or take. 

How much you would estimate you spend on it? We cut our max at like $75 but, we also get a lot donated from friends and family. If we didn't have that, we wouldn't last an hour. 

What are some differences since having Mary? Do you find you have less time to decorate? Is it more of a hassle dealing with everything or has nothing really changed at all?  Nothing really changed. We still did as many decorations and she sat outside with us to help. Ha. Our yard doesn't take that long to set up, like some of the others. Halloween night may be different though, with her early bedtime. We also haven't visited with our neighbors as much this year... but we've been busy in other ways too.

Any words of wisdom for new home owners on Hillcrest Avenue? Don't feel pressured to decorate, it's not mandatory, like some may assume. But if you enjoy the holiday, then go for it! It's a lot of fun. And the whole month of October, you can find plenty of neighbors out and enjoying the weather. We met a lot of our neighbors through Halloween. And get friends to help. And buy decorations on discount after Halloween for next year! But, most of all, be creative!

Any advice for those coming down to see the decorations? Be respectful of the time and effort put into decorating. Don't touch or move or vandalize. We do it to entertain the crowds, and don't get reimbursed for any of it. Also, please walk the street to look at the decorations, don't try to view them while driving. For one, its a traffic hazard, and two, you are blocking those behind you who may be trying to get home. Park and walk. There is plenty of parking on the 2 streets on either side of Hillcrest Avenue. And PLEASE (!!) use the cross walks. Brownsboro Road at Hillcrest Avenue is kind of a busy intersection, and people are known to not pay attention, so if you are crossing the street at a non-cross walk, then you have the possibility of getting hit. 


If you've never taken a stroll down Hillcrest Avenue, I highly suggest doing so this year.  It really is a lot of fun and it's pretty spectacular the amount of effort and creativity some people have.  But, please take Lauren's advice.... pay attention to what is going on around you.  Wether you are in a car or walking on the sidewalk.... safety first!!!

Here's an idea… let's be friends!
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