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It seems like everyone is looking for ways to be a little greener and save money.... or is that just me?  Sure, you might say that you're doing everything you can or you don't have the extra income for those fancy, shmancy products but let me tell you... it's easier (and cheaper) than it sounds.  

The easiest thing you can do is recycle.  If you are current Louisville resident, check out this site to find out how to obtain an orange bin and your neighborhood pickup days.

In addition to going green and saving money, you can also impress your friends and family by using everyday household items for uncommon purposes.  Read on to find out what you might already have in your home to remove those stubborn stains or polish your finest silver!

Baking soda has been around for years and does a great job in freshening up your fridge but did you know....

- it can be used to remove stubborn sticky stuff of any kind from furniture and other household items.  Make a thick paste with a little water, and spread thickly over surface. Cover with plastic and let sit for a couple hours. Scrub it clean.
- if you mix it with vinegar, it works well as a drain cleaner and is a powerful grout cleaner as well.
- that you can make into a paste and use on hands while washing dishes. It'll help remove tough baked-on food while softening your hands at the same time.
- if you want a quick way to eliminate mold and mildew while achieving a weathered look for your deck, use baking soda. wash your deck with a solution of two cups baking soda in one gallon water, and use a stiff straw brush to work the solution into the wood, then rinse with cool water.

Bananas are not only delicious and nutritious, they can also be helpful around the house!

- use the inside of the peel to polish silver.  you can also use it on leather shoes.
- if you use the inside of a banana peel on scrapped knees, it will help promote healing.
- next time you make a roast, toss a peeled banana into the pan if think it might turn out a little tough.

Sure, nothing beats the heat like a tall glass of sun tea on a hot day but did you know....

- it can be used in place of dusting spray.  boil a few cups of water and then add two tea bags until it cools. pour into a spray bottle with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
- you can prevent rust by wiping out your cast-iron pots with a brewed-out tea bag.
- place the contents of used, but dried out tea bags into your cat's kitty litter. the antibacterial features of the tea "neutralize odor."
- tannic acid will eradicate warts and it is found naturally in black tea. place a warmed, wet tea bag directly onto a wart for 10-15 minutes. do this two or three times each day and the wart will shrink significantly in just a few days.

Cayenne pepper can make food sing with flavor but did you know....

- placed along the baseboards and any point of entry, it can act as an ant deterrent.
- capsaicin cream can help reduce itching and skin inflammation caused by psoriasis. (capsaicin is what makes peppers hot!)
- some studies claim that cayenne works as an appetite suppressant.

See?  Not as expensive as you thought is it?  And, more than likely, you already have these items in your home.  Have any of these alternatives worked for you?  We'd love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences.  

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Going Green tips and suggestions!



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