Going Green, An Ongoing Series

going green

Well, you made it!  You survived round one with the relatives and possibly even scored some good deals at 2am!  If you didn't finish your holiday shopping already, or if you have't even started, here are some green ideas you can consider.

1.  You can never go wrong with chocolate, no matter what time of year it is.  Why not give a gift that also gives back?  Endangered Species Chocolate is based out of Indianapolis, IN and 10% of their profits go to environmental non-profits that are focused on wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

2.  Check out Nigel's Eco Store.  From recycled wine glass holders to solar powered electric shavers, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list!

3.  Why not try a homemade gift?  I recently made this sign for a good friends wedding.  It was fairly simple, heartfelt and they really appreciated it.  Best of all, I already had the materials so most of it was up-cycled!

homemade sign

4.  Another gift that also gives back would be to make a donation to a local charity in your recipients name.  Bonus points if that charity is local!  For the pet lover, No Kill Louisville.  For those that have a soft spot for helping families in need, Brooklawn.  For those dedicated to the arts, Louisville Art Association.  There are many places you could choose from!

Do you have any ideas on eco friendly gifts that I didn't mention?  Have you already bought a gift that was green?  I'd love to hear about it!!  Let me know!!

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