Louisville Kentucky Real Estate

When Making an Offer

First and foremost, get pre-approved with a lender.  This makes the seller feel more comfortable when negotiating an offer.  In addition, this communication with the lender will help you decide what price range you need to stay in.

Once you find the property you have been looking for, it is time to make an offer!

When selling a property, the seller is obligated to disclose problems they know of.  However, here are several questions you may want to ask the seller before submitting an offer.

1) Why is the seller selling?  The seller may be looking to upgrade or downsize.  There may be something they do not like about the property or needs pertaining to a property may have changed.  In some cases the reasons may help you decide what to offer.

2) What did the seller originally pay for the property? Your real estate professional should have access to this information through the PVA.  However, remember what they paid for the property was influenced by market conditions, improvements to the property and so on.

3) Are neighbors a problem or any nuisances?  Even though the seller may not share with you information about noisy neighbors, air traffic, annoying dogs and so on, it's worth it to ask the question.  Another way to get some answers along this line is to visit the area at different times of the day.

6) How are schools ranked in Louisville, KY and surounding areas? This may not be a question the seller can answer.  If not, you can visit resources like Great Schools to get more insight.